How to install sabnzbd on Ubuntu

These are the prerequisites to install Sabnzbd on the Ubuntu operating system. Step 1: Before install sabnzbd, add repository and update using this following command: #sudo apt-get install software-properties-common Make sure multiverse and universe are enabled: Press Enter once get confirm message Step 2: Now install SABnzbd on Ubuntu, use the following command: After SABnzbd installation on Ubuntu completes you can start it using the shortcut icon that was created in the menu or you could use the following command: Edit default file to configure IP and port. (I am using nano editor. If you do not have you can use vi or you can install nano) user=root (or username)config=host= (your ip address)port= 8080 (declare a port here) Now we configure sbnzbd.ini file. Declare IP address and Port. Find following line and change the line with required value. host= xx.xx.xx.xx (use your ip)port= 8080 (declare same port as before)user= admin (anything you can put here as username)password= password Reboot your server. Run sabnzbdplus Start the service using following line: Good luck! For better understanding watch the video tutorial. (If you need help you can contact me to install sabnzbd on your server) YouTube Channel:

How to install sabnzbd on Ubuntu