How to create DKIM record on cPanel/WHM

Adding DKIM record on cPanel​ A Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) record is a TXT record that adds digital cryptographic signatures to email messages. DKIM ensures that the email comes from a reliable source and is not spoofing in transit between sending and receiving.  Following this article, you can easily enable DKIM on WHM or cPanel by going to Email Deliverability, located in the Email section: Click on the Manage from right side for the domain you want to enable the DKIM record. If you want to create default DKIM value, click on Generate Local DKIM Key.  Scroll Down and click on Install The Suggested Record. Wait for sometimes to get successfull message. The steps complete here. Follow next steps, If you getting error. Copy both records, If your DNS zone manage by 3rd Party, and store both records in notepad. And add those value to your 3rd party DNS Zone as TXT record. click Zone Editor for cPanel. If you want to create record from WHM panel, click DNS Zone Manager. cPanel WHM In this step cPanel and WHM both are same procedure. Click on Manage. cPanel WHM Click on Add Record. Here you add DKIM record as TXT. First you click on Type and select TXT value. Here you paste those copied records. Name and Record. Now you click Save Record.  DKIM record created successfully.

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